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Secure Webmail | HostGator Support

To use a secure login for your webmail, you may use one of the following methods: Enter the following URL, using your IP address and the secure webmail port …

To use a secure login for your webmail, you may use either your IP address and the secure webmail port (https://IPaddress:2096/) or your domain and the secure webmail port (

How to Log into Webmail | HostGator Support

Logging in to webmail · Type your complete email address in the Email Address field (e.g., · Enter the password you provided when you …

Webmail is a great feature offered by cPanel which allows you to access email in your browser. You can enter webmail through your cPanel under Email Accounts, or by a direct link to the webmail portal.

How to Access Your Email Through cPanel | HostGator Support

Log in to cPanel. · Click on the Email Accounts icon in the Email section – not the Webmail icon! · Locate the email account you wish to access from the list.

There are several ways to read your email. Normally, users will go to and login. Account owners can also use cPanel > Email Accounts > More > Access Webmail.

How to Access Webmail – Plesk | HostGator Support

Log in to your Server Admin panel. · Click Tools & Settings in the left menu. Plesk Server Admin – Tools & Settings · Select Webmail under the Mail categories.

You can access webmail directly via URL ( or from within the Plesk control panel (Mail > Web Mail).

HostGator Email – Getting Started

HostGator Email – Getting Started | HostGator Support

Host your email with Google Workspace · Host your email on your server · Create and manage new email accounts · Access your email via webmail · Configure your …

Once your website is online and your domain is pointed to your server, you will want to be able to use your domain to host your own email. The easiest tool for this is Google Workspace, but you can also host email yourself using your HostGator server.

Webmail Programs | HostGator Support

Log in to your cPanel email account. Click on the dropdown arrow beside your email address,. HostGator cPanel email programs. Click on the name of the email …

HostGator offers you a choice in webmail programs. You can pick whichever one you are most familiar with, or the one you learn to like over time, and switch between them freely.

Secure email with PGP, how to | HostGator Support

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This article explains how to enable PGP for Thunderbird, Outlook, and other mail programs.

Why Can’t I Log into My cPanel, WHM or Webmail? – HostGator

Why Can’t I Log into My cPanel, WHM or Webmail? | HostGator Support

Common reasons why you can’t access cPanel, WHM, or webmail ⤵ … Why not try accessing your login page with secure or non-secure ports?

If you can’t log into cPanel, WHM, or webmail, your network has probably blocked access to the ports required for these portals. No need to worry, just use the proxy connections instead.

Webmail Settings and Options | HostGator Support

To update your cPanel account’s password. A strong password helps you to secure your cPanel account. You must be logged in first, and if you cannot log in, then …

Once logged into webmail, you will have several options available for the individual user. This article explains these options.

Secure with SSL | HostGator Support

SSL and email security. While we provide our customers with access to webmail with our hosting accounts, most people use a third-party email client on their …

Creating an online presence can be a bit complicated sometimes. Securing it, however, doesn’t have to be. HostGator makes it easy to secure your site by providing all hosting customers with a free SSL certificate. In this article, we’ll explain what an SSL certificate is, how it works, and the options you have when selecting one.

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